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Maeve's gift

Dear Martin,

> We won!!!!
> Farwell won the Master Poet May 1998 contest!

Yippieh! Congrats straight from the heart! I knew it when I voted last night and saw you in the lead there! Your poem deserved it! Fiona passed it along and so I was able to enjoy it! While reading I saw everything happen right before my eyes! Oh, everyone would be happy to be thought of in such a way! 'smiles'

> Thank you very much for your support!
You are ever so welcome! Hey, I did not know until Fiona send that mail that you are in the Faerie Clan as well! Great! Now instead of a bottle of champagne to celebrate -I would have such trouble attaching it LOL- I enclose a wee gift for you! Enjoy it!

Dance in Light

Maeve Silvermoon & Spirit Faerie Beltaine MoonFire - 29 Jun 1998