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I like this site so much,nice 2 meet u Martin ..greetings from Croatia
Sanja Vučković <>
Split, Croatia - Sun Feb 17 12:54:23 2013
The first time I have really taken notice of the bottom part of your posts, and I have just spend about 30 min going through your material, and I have to say the least it's fascinating, and shows you no one of us can even plan ahead..... I am truly happy to know the man behind the picture, nice to
Mel Sha <>
Pretoria, Gauteng South Africa - Tue Jan 8 14:25:54 2013
Nice website and great photos
Grace E.Cavazos <>
Kingsville, TX Usa - Thu Aug 9 03:37:48 2012
Hello Martin, glad to see your website! I really love all your pictures, my mind travels when i watch them. Congrats for your nice work, and continue like this. Kisses from Italy <3
Vaiana <>
Cefalù, Sicilia Italy - Fri Jul 6 11:23:53 2012
Most of all i enjoyed The Hall of Moon. Thank you for giving us this great site Martin.
Mike Chrysochoos
Cleveland, OH USA - Thu Jun 7 00:52:33 2012
Absolutely incredible works of art, so beautiful and inspirational...truly magical..thank you Martin for allowing us this pleasure..
Sharon <>
Rochdale, UK - Mon Jun 4 16:39:19 2012
my Favorite Gold Period ''Window'' it's Amazing !!!! gread... love it....!!! you also wrote beautyful things love it verry much i will follow you...! Thanks that you share this with me <3
Pinar Kılıç <>
Antalya, Antalya Turkey - Mon May 21 18:59:34 2012
Absolutely amazing Martin :) Thank you so much for sharing your page with me :)
Ola Jankowska <>
North Mackay, Queensland Australia - Fri May 18 10:45:54 2012
excelente pagina Marin como decimos aqui..
iliana <>
Cali , Colombia - Sun May 13 07:05:08 2012
Very impressive Martin ! Thank you for sharing... It's been an honor :)
Elina Neofotistou <>
Athens, Attica Greece - Fri Mar 30 07:31:33 2012
Waooo Martin solo dire que quede impresionado !! excelente profesional !! ojala todos los ing. informaticos y en computacion fueran asi y me incluyo !!!! excelente ejemplo a seguir !! saludos desde Venezuela !
Pedro Moreno <>
Caraca, Distrito Capital Venezuela - Thu Mar 29 04:07:52 2012
Amazing. Outstanding artwork and the most heartfelt words I have read in a long time. A pleasure to read and view, thank you for sharing. xx
Rachel Goodwin <>
London, England - Fri Mar 16 14:41:46 2012
Hi Martin It's a real pleasure to be here and read your stories and see the pictures over and over again. Have a Happy Birthday ( I know it's tomorrow but wanted to be the first) :)) Hugs and a big Birthday kiss xoxoxoXXXXXXXXXX
Adri Girl <>
Netherlands, - Sun Nov 27 17:21:46 2011
Me gusta mucho este sitio esta muy ameno y interesante Maria
maria <>
- Mon Nov 21 10:04:29 2011
- Sun Jan 16 14:50:21 2011
Thank you Martin for such a Beautiful presentation!! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your site! I will certainly be back to see more at a later time!! You have such a lovely way of telling your story of the many different kinds of loves that you have in life! Hugs my Friend!! Shane
Shane Meade (FFS)
Orlando, FL USA - Mon Apr 5 21:20:10 2010
I am happy I got to view this amazing website. It is very honest and I love the truth, natural, I love the spirit, and I agree with a lot of things I read. Very wise man !! You have my admiration. Lady Mw
Lady Mw
CO US / Europe - Sun Feb 21 15:59:55 2010
Hello Martin Nice Page ^^ And now i know your a doctor that's the reason you look like a doctor lol.. btw how are you :D
Anelyn <>
Manila, Philiphines Philiphines - Sun Nov 15 12:54:23 2009
Totally awesome. Loving the interplay of the female form and nature. It would be great to hear some trippy music behind the dreams, would add an extra dimension of feeling and a different level of connection perhaps... in fact I just read the mermaids story and had some great sounds going through my head so I will try and record my ideas down and send it through. At the very least it will allow me to experiment and create some new sounds
Mat <>
Leeds, - Mon Jun 29 15:01:53 2009
good job wise man luv ur page so much specialy ypur CV hehe keep it up nd god bless
sab atwi <>
leb, beirut - Fri Sep 26 02:27:40 2008
i love this page. it looks really nice. keep it up
asaba owerri <>
aba, enugu lagos nwanne - Fri Jun 1 11:12:16 2007
quem me indicou o teu site foi minha irma Maria Luiza. Realmente sui leque de novas possibilidades de criacao se colocaram diante de mim...parabens! Espero conhece-lo em breve.
Rosa Amelia de Almeida Weiss <>
Sao Jose dos Campos, SP Brasil - Sun Apr 22 22:36:30 2007
ABA, AB BENIN - Fri Mar 9 12:52:30 2007
Querido Martín!! Despues de tantos años re-encontrar tu site nuevamente fue para mi una gran alegría, solo espero que te acuerdes de esta vieja amiga de la net, sigo adorando tu site y espero en breve estar nuevamente en contacto contigo. Miles de besos y que este 2007 sea un triunfo para todos!!! PATO
Setúbal, Setúbal Portugal - Fri Jan 5 18:59:34 2007
Estuve en tu sitio por recomendación de mi hermana Silvia Lores, la que hace las pps. Como no encontré libro de visitas, decidí enviarte un email. Para qué? Bueno para agradecer tus palabras con respecto al diseño de Las Lores, que es mío, y para decirte que me gustó mucho lo que pude leer (ya voy a leer mas con mas tiempo). Un abrazo - Sonia Lores -(Aclis)
Sonia Lores <AclisDesign >
- Tue Jun 27 15:22:31 2006
Hola amigo! Qué linda página! Si alguna satisfación, aparte del gusto de hacerlas, me dan mis presentaciones power point, es ésta de encontrar amigos compatriotas tan sensibles y talentosos. Fue un verdadero placer recorrer tus páginas, tus escritos, tus maravillosas fotos, (que ya me gustaría que hubieran sido en formato 800 por 600 pixeles para poder usarlas, con tu permiso previo, en mis pps), tu familia, el resumen de tu vida en ese país lejano.... Muchas gracias por todo eso, volveré prontito por aquí,cada vez que desee llenarme de cosas lindas y de buenos sentimientos; con mucho cariño, Silvia
Silvia Lores <>
Martínez, Buenos Aires Argentina - Sun Jun 25 15:33:13 2006
Very nice! Best wishes!
USA - Sun Jun 11 09:02:06 2006
I love your blue period, especially rough 1. They seem like old, comfortable lovers who truly enjoy each other. That is art.
Crystal Dawn
Portsmouth, VA USA - Fri Jan 6 20:37:49 2006
good job
Koshkitko <>
New York, NY USA - Thu Jan 5 00:45:23 2006
Hi Martin! Thank you for your Christmas gereeting. It really warmed my heart. I'm about to move from town at springtime as my husband will retire and I will slow down a little at work next school year. We have bought an old house with all the charm an old Swedish red log house has. I hope you are just as happy as I am. Lots of love, Inger
Inger <>
Lindesberg, Sweden - Mon Dec 26 19:43:59 2005
¡Enhorabuena! Una bella página. Sensibilidad, armonía, belleza y una gran creatividad. Felicidades. Hay muestras de un gran nivel de alma.
Angel Sanz <>
Zaragoza, Spain - Fri Oct 29 19:11:45 2004
Hi Martín! Impressive your web site (and your CV), you are a real artist now. I don´t usually read poetry and stuff like that but liked your poetry in combination with your pictures. Keep up the good work..... Cheers, Peter
Peter E <>
Kungälv, Sweden - Thu Sep 23 19:14:39 2004
Hi Martín and thanks for your card and invitation to your lovely site again. It's always a pleasure to see your wonderful photos and listen to music of your choice.
Inger <>
Sweden - Thu Sep 23 06:35:34 2004
I just surfed in this great place. i took a few minutes of my spare time and surfed over your sites. Great kompliment! It´s one of the best I found in net.
Doro <>
UK - Wed Sep 22 07:53:33 2004
Me encanto el sitio, los poemas y las fotografias. La idea, la sensibilidad... todo!!! Agradezco la invitacion y la tarjeta que me enviaron y le mando un fuerte abrazo y mis felicitaciones a toda la familia Raskovsky, por todos los logros pero principalmente por estar constituida de hombres buenos, nobles y muy brillantes.
Veronica <>
Buenos Aires, Capital Argentina - Tue Sep 21 20:55:34 2004
Thanks for the lovely card.So I got a change to visit,long time have gone.And it was so nice to visit you and see your art again.I had a pleasant stay. Pepita
Pepita <>
sweden - Tue Sep 21 18:43:30 2004
me encanto esta pagina, kiss kiss from sydney :) xoxoxox
Pamelita <>
- Tue Sep 21 09:32:20 2004
Really good work. Great sites.
Marie <>
NL - Tue Sep 14 07:23:35 2004
great sites, well done
Julie <>
NL - Thu Aug 26 06:58:16 2004
Hello Martín, My compliments for your nice website and work! Please come see my website and photos sometime? Best regards from Tom.
Zeist, The Netherlands - Tue Aug 3 22:17:13 2004
The passion, sensuality and clarity of your writing and your imagery leave me amazed and delighted. I am delighted to have fluttered onto your site. Warm Wishes, Elainna
Elainna <>
Victoria, BC Canada - Fri Jul 30 06:47:13 2004
Really nice website and it is full of interesting things...keep doing so.... Peace
Yang <>
China - Mon Jun 28 12:14:58 2004
Extraordinaria página. Colores y palabras unidos en una profunda sensibilidad y creatividad. Silencios entrecortados. ¡Enhorabuena! Mi más sincera felicitación.
Angel Sanz <>
Zaragoza, España - Wed Apr 28 21:45:51 2004
chnaveenreddy <>
hyderabad, ap india - Sat Aug 16 05:16:51 2003
hola martin!!! nos conocimos mediante el chat hace años cdo estuve en sudafrica, te acordas? encontre entre mis papeles tu direccion asi que aca estoy de nuevo leyendo todooooooooo, muy buenoooo!! bye bye Laura (Surena)
Laura <>
Punta Alta, Buenos Aires Argentina - Sun Jul 27 15:05:26 2003
you have an intelligent and entertaining site. well done. peace.
micheal <>
hamilton, ontario canada - Tue Jul 8 17:55:32 2003
querido primo recuerdo una cena en mi casa , intentabamos articular primos y familia bastante desconocida, estabas con tu hermano tambien poco familiar, fue grato , una riqueza que uno no sospecha que se extiende cerca , que es proxima , un human bieng que tiene algo en comun con uno, despues fueron comentarios de mi hija , que hace su master en rotterdam y que luego en amsterdam se encontro trabajando junto a una chilena -que no se si es alguna de la que retratas en esas hermosas fotos !!! o otra amiga de tu vida, deliciosas esas fotos , intensa la trayectoria de tu vida ,sensualidades en fotos y poemas , vida escrita y fotos que invitan a vivir, te imagino bastante reconciliado con la existencia y con lo creado por vos , luchas y esfuerzos, de un continente al otro y back again desde rumania? segun parece decir nuestro otro primo -Serge-hallasgo de internet con quien mi hija ha estado en niza --yo , nosotros, mi hijo ,mi hermana , mi madre 95 y otros seguimos aqui -pais a veces irritante enloquecedor gestor de resentimientos y aveces delicioso y unico , humano y con sabor bueno de provincia y aveces el excremento del diablo-me causo mucho placer reencontrarte y sentir tus senderos y desarrollos-te espero a vos y a tu tribu , en cualquier momento de la vida- es bueno tejer la tela familiar
andres rascovsky <>
buenos aires, argentina - Mon Jun 30 00:12:40 2003
Hey Martín, Remember me? We met along time ago on PK. It's been a while since I visited your page, it was a refreshing visit. Maybe we'll be able to chat again sometime. God Bless, Crys
Crystal (jitter-bug) <>
Regina, Sk - Sat Jun 21 05:02:13 2003
Buenas, excelente lo que haces.. Saludos de parte de mi viejo tambien . Manuel Fernandez Canedo
Lucas Fernandez Canedo <>
Cordoba, CBA Argentina - Sat Jun 14 17:56:06 2003
Thank you Martín. For the magnificent you invite me to see.Your latest work in your galleries.Im a big admirer of your art since..yes it been a long while now. The photo art is so NEW for me.But when you create is not hard to understand the art form.Wish you a lot of power to go on and a lot of sucsess.Flowerhearts,sweden
FLowerhearts <>
sweden,Suecia - Fri Jun 13 17:51:29 2003
What a beautiful site. If men in our lives could say the words you say. Thank you!
Donna <>
VA USA - Sat May 17 03:07:54 2003
Still beautiful!
Donna <>
VA USA - Thu Apr 24 04:32:08 2003
Dejame felicitarte nuevamente por tu página, realmente me encantaron todos tus sueños. Nunca dejes de soñar!!!. VANESA (Tandil)
Tandil, Benos Aires Argentina - Tue Apr 15 23:41:25 2003
Gracias por darnos el maravilloso regalo de tu inspiración. Esta página es un oasis de vida en medio de tantas muertes. Cordial saludo,
Alfonsina <>
Colombia - Mon Apr 14 06:02:38 2003
Fue la casualidad, la que hizo que te conociera, entrar a la pagina fué un toque de luz, imagines suaves palabras sencillas, con un no se que. Muy bonita Martín, de corazón, te felicito. byby
- Wed Apr 9 03:21:02 2003
adoro trepar barriletes, gracias por recordarmelo!
Khrisee <>
Rio Tercero, Cordoba Argentina - Thu Mar 13 23:45:14 2003
Hello,a wonderfull page with draems and more.This is paintings for the soul.A fine adress for a wonderfull artwork.Thankyou.
lutz <>
GERMANY - Mon Mar 10 21:30:07 2003
Great site! I enjoyed my visit here ty!
Fl USA - Sat Mar 8 21:55:49 2003
Cuantas bellas palabras todas juntas puestas en cada uno de sus poemas, me encanto el de la despedida, felicitaciones, hay que tener un gran corazon para escribir cosas tan hermosas
Elizabeth <>
ushuaia, argentina - Fri Mar 7 13:01:09 2003
Felicitaciones Martín..realmente una pagina hermosa y con mucho sentimiento
Graciela <>
comodoro rivadavia, Chubut Argentina - Fri Mar 7 06:02:48 2003
Hi Martín,it been a long while now since my last visit,and it have been big pleasure this time,to take a long stroll thrue beautiful art,the right word for it is masterpieces.I just sat in your Goldperiod and felt this is amazing,what a artist.I send you a flower and a award for my enjoyabel stay on this site,I got more power,thanks of you.Flowerhearts
flowerhearts/PEPITA <>
Sweden,Suecia - Sun Jan 26 13:18:16 2003
Beautiful and inspiring you are. Your words carry the echo of who you are....the images you create are alive with yourself. I love to see creative folk expressing and taking advantage of their talents.........what a sucess. Thank you from wisconsin!!
vidalia <>
WI america - Sat Jan 4 15:28:56 2003
Nice site!!!! Please come over and see my new site.
Roland Hagge <>
Mtn. Lake Park, MD US of A - Mon Dec 23 00:05:27 2002
Bene un poeta nel web come te, un visionario della poesia e come ai vecchi tempi del 68 immagini di vera carne e di vero sentimento. Bello bellissimo, me gustan mucho y me gusta mas las imagenes de la mujer como una tierra y un lugares de esploraciones Encantado de conocerte amigos. Marcello da Roma
marcello <>
Roma, Italy - Sun Dec 15 22:41:08 2002
loved that poem - Woman, you can taste like the sea - and the fabulous silhouette!
John <>
london, \ - Wed Nov 20 17:06:12 2002
hola: Te busque por indicacion de un pariente, me dijeron que tenes un arbol genealogico de la familia. podes enviarlo a mi mail???? aunque los apellidos se escriben distinto, te pareces tantisimo a mi papa, que supongo que somos parientes. por la edad, primos lejanos, Besos alicia
alicia ester rascovsky <>
buenos aires, capital argentina - Tue Nov 19 20:37:25 2002
What inspiring work I was enthalled and would so much love to use some of your pictures on my Lovescapes site, your words touched me, they were beautiful and your love of live shines through. Pleas accept this token of appreciation for your work hope to hear from you soon. Please visit our site and sign my guest book I'd be so honored. (((HUGS))) God Bless you Nanc Purfectdream Expressions
Nanc <>
Mukwonago, Wisc USA - Wed Nov 13 20:30:16 2002
Hey Martín long time no see, love your web site, I particularly liked The Shower, I seem to remember you telling me that as a story in the long distance past. Keep up the good work. Love & light David
David <>
- Tue Oct 22 17:17:59 2002
Everytime I come here I am in awe of the beauty of your art! It abounds with a mixture of emotion and unique artistic design. I will return again soon. :)
Aria Starr <>
Somewhere, IN USA - Sun Oct 13 05:37:21 2002
Oh my … From the start until I had to go you had me wanting more This has been wonderful My only complaint …. I did not have enough time to enjoy it all I shall return for more of the magical tour
Secret Desire
- Thu Sep 12 03:51:04 2002
This was absolutly stunning and I enjoyed it to the fullest. Deeply touches the inner soul carol
Carol <C Autumn Leaves>
california USA - Mon Aug 26 06:31:39 2002
Merry Meet I bring good Karma brilliant work here... Look forward to reading more... Karen
Karen Piazza <>
Holmdel, New Jersey USA - Sun Aug 18 20:38:01 2002
Have to come back to see what you have been up to. I am always impressed. Kit
- Thu Aug 8 02:27:08 2002
Have to come back to see what you have been up to. I am always impressed. Kit
- Thu Aug 8 02:27:07 2002
I'm really impressed by your creations! Very good job!
Salkaner il Nero
Italy - Tue Aug 6 10:53:06 2002
wery naise photos....
Dr;Rat..... <...>
Sedney/Stocholm, Aus/Swd - Sun Jul 28 16:40:48 2002
Hi Martín It's been a while since I've taken a leisurely visit through your site, though I use your cards quite often. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your writing style and your artwork. If you ever have the time, visit the message board on my site (link on homepage) and post one of your poems with a link to your site in the small box under the response box (that makes it a hot link). A lot of poets from the states, as well as NZ and OZ post there and I would love for them to see some of your work. Pris (from the top 100 listing, too)
Pris <>
West Palm Beach, Fl USA - Fri Jul 26 15:17:21 2002
Hi Martín, just popped in for a quick visit...I loved Kisses! your words once again brought it to life! I never did tell you about that dream did i....haven't forgotten it though, yet to find out the meaning of it... take care Martín. Would love to know what you think of my site.... :)
Lisa <>
Sydney, Nsw Australia - Sat Jun 22 12:31:21 2002
My Congratulation to You! To enjoy is an art, to create is an art, relating is an art. And thanks to you for letting me look into the window of your mind. Hope to see your works again! Djoni S Sidik, Surabaya, Indonesia
Djoni S Sidik <>
Surabaya, East Java Indonesia - Tue Jun 18 04:09:15 2002
Siempre es bueno volver a visitarte Martí como un respiro....
kati <>
santiago, Chile - Tue May 28 18:48:18 2002
Nosotros,los de entonces, ya no somos los mismos, pero aqui estamos rodeados de la misma poesía que siempre es otro y de otros. Es tan corto el amor, y es tan largo el olvido. Un beso para vos Martíncho
Analy <>
Baires, Baires Argentina - Sun May 12 22:52:51 2002
What a wonderful time I have spent here among all lovely art.From link to link I take myself more delighted than ever.Thanks for the soulfull experience. With love from Pepita
Flowerhearts <>
sweden - Sun May 12 17:23:40 2002
Hello my friend...decided to pay you a late night visit. Keep up the good work. Princess Natalie
Princess Natalie <>
USA - Sat May 4 03:21:28 2002
Interesting and well designed site. Sounds like we have a lot in common (computers, poetry, etc.,). Will be sure to spend more time looking round when I get the time. Best Wishes, Paul
Paul <>
Erith, Kent UK - Sat Mar 9 18:20:29 2002
Wonderful site, Martín!Amazing art, inspiring poetry. Loved the Mermaid. Much to see here, will be back for another visit soon. Thanks for sharing! Soaring Spirit
Soaring Spirit <>
Florida - Wed Mar 6 13:46:53 2002
Martín, Words cannot possibly express how I felt when I read your poetry. It touched me deeply, the images came across so beautifully, I felt like I was intruding into a private world. Thank you for sharing this. Lisa
Lisa <>
Sydney, Australia - Sun Jan 13 01:11:40 2002
Martín, I found you whilst looking for inspiration, I am a poet. Your photography is truly wonderful. I haven't read you yet, but I am looking forward to doing so on my next visit. Thank you for such beauty.
Aphrodisia <>
Sydney, Australia - Thu Jan 10 02:19:42 2002
Greetings Martín! Thank you for the visit to your site, a marvelous experience. I am anxious to return. I arrived here because I want to build a home page, or was it fate? I can do the home page, have some software etc.; however, I need some help with design work. Perhaps we can discuss this via e-mail. Best wishes for 2002. Fern, on the Gulf Coast of Texas.
Fern <>
Lake Jackson, TX USA - Sun Dec 30 21:24:53 2001
GENIAL!!! una página con un contenido divino... un placer visitarte
titox <>
oviedo, asturias spain - Thu Dec 20 15:14:10 2001
Martín I am so honoured that you, a great artist, like my designs! Thank you so much for visiting my home, I think your home is GREAT! Love from the Netherlands from Anita.
Anita <>
The Hague, Netherlands - Sun Dec 16 16:06:33 2001
Thanks for sharing your work. I enjoyed my visit. :)
usa - Sun Dec 2 12:34:20 2001
this is an amazing page - you're a very talented man. Keep up the good work and I'll be sure to check back often.
tony <>
las vegas , nv - Sat Nov 24 19:01:20 2001
You are a very talented artist. I'm holding an international art show in Louisville Ky, March 2002. It would be great to have you at this occasion. You may visit my site at:
Amjad Shelly <>
Pompano Beach, FL USA - Mon Oct 29 13:49:07 2001
Thank you for your wonderful ABCards site. The poetry and photos are very intelligent and beautiful. Thank you. Keep it up :)
Trisha <>
Gold Coast, Qld Australia - Mon Oct 15 03:46:24 2001
Dear Martín! Thank you, if you signing my guest book and for joining my easy art webring. Heinz
Heinz Gode <>
Düsseldorf, NRW Germany - Wed Oct 10 14:12:49 2001
I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with your site. You are very inspiring.
Darren <>
Los Angeles, CA US - Mon Oct 1 02:45:00 2001
A beautiful site. Thanks.
- Thu Sep 6 01:12:44 2001
Dear Martín, Thank you for signing my guest book and for joining my art webring. Keep up the great work, Betty
Betty Gilson <>
Key Largo, Florida USA - Sat Sep 1 14:32:40 2001
Martín, It has been too long since I visited last. Your site is more beautiful than I remember.
Kathleen <>
The Jersey Shore, USA - Sun Aug 5 22:49:30 2001
THe earliest dream i remember is when i was 6! all in greatdetail. I have been dreaming everynight since i was 17 thats 4 years! i remember everything in detail and have somtimes thought i was mad, i stll cant understand why? and it was nice to see someone else has crazy dreams. take care and enjoy dreaming. ame
ameliah rose <>
London, england - Thu Aug 2 18:06:30 2001
Very interesting site with unique and stimulating graphic choices. I enjoyed my visit. Will be back for more!
Jamie <>
Kauai/San Francisco, HI/CA USA - Sat Jun 2 06:01:12 2001
Nice lay out for the site.... not my personal choice of color but great work and what a nice collection of poems... good luck and don't forget to visit my site! Thanks.
Mido <>
UK - Sat May 12 17:28:07 2001
Great site.
Christine <>
Brooklyn, NY USA - Sat May 5 04:37:05 2001
You have created a wonderful place to visit. I very much enjoyed visiting your website. Thank you. s
UK - Sun Apr 22 03:15:12 2001
Hi Martín, I haven't been by in a while. I love your work, and I should stop in more often, and will. We go back many years, and I am so happy to have you as my friend (my truly creative friend) *hugs*~Linda
Linda~Imaginee <>
Upstate , NY USA - Thu Mar 29 08:23:54 2001
great site! i enjoyed my visit, and your navigation is great. Keep up the good work *Angel Hugs*
kathryn swenson <>
sc us - Wed Mar 28 20:49:10 2001
I enjoyed my visit to your site! You have a lot of information put on here and your site navigation is great.
Nathan Noland <>
Fort Lauderdale, WA USA - Tue Mar 20 13:39:32 2001
I enjoyed my visit to your site! You have a lot of information put on here and your site navigation is great.
Nathan Noland <>
Fort Lauderdale, WA USA - Tue Mar 20 13:39:16 2001
I have enjoyed the visit into time from your pensive mind. I was a grunt, groundpounding infantryman in the Nam, participating in an event that took the innocence of many a young boy, and changed us, "boys next door" all forever. I invite you to visit my site, "Vietnam Picture Tour," from the lens of a combat infantryman. Take a walk through the park with the 1st Air Cavalry on combat patrol, with pictures and poetry so real you can taste them on your tongue, feel the smell of war as a stench in your nostrils, and the texture of it on your senses. You will feel as though you were there, walking beside me, the fear burning holes in you. My goal is to educate people who have no idea of the realities of war, that we may grow a peace evermore, and make war-no-more! I was the sports editor of my college daily newspaper when I was drafted...and like so many others, Nam changed the direction of my life indelibly and forever. Nam imbedded my soul with a new set of senses, forever. I am also a vietnam poet, working in multi-media with the internet, with colorful backgrounds, music, and the spoken word. My poetry linked to the above site: "Soldier's Prayer, Dawn Patrol, the Sound Of Guns, I Felt I'd Died, Agent Orange, My Thousand Yard Stare, Feral Stalking Night, Papason, Legacy, Police Action, LZ Snoopy and The Red Baron, Rockets of Tet..." Come and feel the emotion!
Gary Jacobson <>
Realm of Idaho US of A - Tue Mar 20 00:36:10 2001
Loved my visit to your land...very inspiring and lovely. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Peace, LadyHawke ~LadyHawke's Land Beyond The Myst~
LadyHawke <>
Ontario Canada - Thu Mar 8 17:38:32 2001
Hello there Martín! My name is Darryl Edwin Mays here from San Francisco, California. I really, really love this truly awesome, most magnificent, superb, and, very excellent homepage of yours found here on the Internet!!! I, myself am a 32 year old very articulate African-American guy. I am also, an Internet Whiz! Martín, please come check out all my really awesome web pages, and, exciting links which I have on my awesome personal homepage! I also, play the California "SuperLotto Plus" Lottery a lot Martín! I may be a very rich, and, wealthy guy real soon! Wish me luck! Please write me a letter, or, a postcard, and, send It to me at my home address which is located at: 964 Howard Street, Sai Hotel, Room #18, San Francisco, California 94103. Thank you Martín so very much! Sincerely, Darryl Edwin Mays
Darryl Edwin Mays <>
San Francisco, California United States - Mon Mar 5 21:54:29 2001
You are a Great person, your work are beautyful!!
Barbara <>
Bladel, n.brabant Nederland - Sun Mar 4 11:31:38 2001
Enjoyed your site - you're quite creative for a geek....(I am a former geek also ;-))) Your name is Czech - are you? your parents? Mluvite cesky? Ahoj
Vancouver, Canada - Sat Mar 3 06:27:38 2001
nice site, nice writings, nice everything
mrlove <>
- Sat Feb 24 08:18:11 2001
You are a surperb artist. I love your work.
Loren Carson <>
Dayton, WA USA - Sun Feb 4 01:57:02 2001
Hi Martín. Very interesting web site and I like your work very much. I am a beginner artist, and if you wish you can visit my new website. Best wishes and good luck, Natasha
Natasha Carr <>
Portland, OR USA - Thu Feb 1 06:50:03 2001
Thanks for a wonderful visit to your superb site, I really enjoyed my visit and look forward to calling again.
cryssy <>
Nevada USA - Tue Jan 30 14:53:59 2001
Hi Martín Thanks for visiting my site and your kind comments. I had already been to yours and absolutely love it--the artwork, the poetry is all wonderful...'we cannot live without kisses' have the gift of true sight. Pris at Poetic Inspirations
Pris <>
FL USA - Mon Jan 29 02:05:43 2001
I loved your poetry. You have such a talent,thank you for sharong greetings louisa
louisa <>
Belgium - Thu Jan 25 14:16:25 2001
WOW! Inspiring... makes me feel like doing something wild...
Rose Winland <>
Charleston, WV USA - Tue Jan 23 00:59:02 2001
I love your work. I think 'Mermaid' and 'Kisses' were my favorites. Keep writing!! Pris
Florida USA - Fri Jan 5 21:12:20 2001

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