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There was once a fisherman who lived with his mother near the sea. Every day, he worked with his heavy fishing nets below the cliffs near the seashore. One afternoon like any other, he heard an enchanting female voice singing. Not knowing where it came from, he curiously approached the seashore. There, in a half sunken rock, he saw a mermaid.

Her angelical face ... her musical voice ... her young breasts half covered by the veil of her beautiful long hair ... she was such a dream like image!.

Mermaid The fisherman was shaken as if by a flash of lightning. When she dived, he remained there like hypnotised, staring at her. The serene water of the sea was so transparent that he was able to follow her diving very deep, until he finally lost sight of her in the abysmal depths of her mysterious sea.

He returned home, still enchanted. He told his mother that he felt so much in love, that the only thing he wished was to find her again and possess her.

"No, my son, mermaids are dangerous. Pay attention to your mother" But, he did not. His consuming desire was such that he could not imagine one minute without her. His mother suggested him to go and see a wise man, old, very old, that lived at the seashore. With a very long red beard, so long it reached the floor, blind and very wise.

The old wise man, suggested he trapped the mermaid with a net made of thin nylon, and warned him that if he did not succeed, the risks were terrible, so dangerous, that his life could be at stake.

He did not mind, so attracted he felt to the enchanting singing sea voice. He prepared the net, and the following morning at dawn, when it was still very dark, he surprised her and caught her with the nylon net, taking her back home.

When he unfolded the net in front of his mother, they found a horrible mermaid, with teeth like the keys of an old piano, green and wrinkled skin, hair that felt like barbed wire. Her shamelessly uncovered breasts hang loose up to her waist. Her voice sounded hoarse and out of tune.

His mother quickly ran away and went to live with her sister. The sad frustrated lover remained alone with this horror.

His life became a nightmare. The horrifying mermaid did not give him a moment of peace.

"Cook my dinner; take me upstairs to sleep; take me to water for a swim; I am hungry; lift my tail so that I can pee; I am hungry again; another stroll for a swim." The sad fisherman, carried ugly mermaid from here to there, day and night. It seemed the martyrdom had no end.

Hopeless, he went to his mother. " See?. I told you " " Yes mother, you were right, but help me, I am desperate. How do I get rid of her?". " I warned you, you never listen to your mother. Go and ask the wise old man. I told you, I told you, I told you, I told ..."

Back to the wise old man with the long red beard. This time, he is told to cut her hair, and to use it to tie her hands and to throw her into the sea. But, a warning, if she caught him doing this, the consequences this time would be catastrophic.

Since nothing could be worse than the current torture inflicted by this ugliness with fish tail, he prepared everything and followed the advice of the wise old man.

He succeeded, and to the sea with the scarecrow mermaid.

While he was returning home, he walked through the cliffs where the first encounter had taken place. There, again, he heard an enchanting melody.

Running, he reached the seashore and in the same semi sunken rock he found his first mermaid, the same one that with her beauty had enchanted him.

This time, the mermaid did not dive into the water, and instead of seducing him with her songs, she spoke, with the same musical voice.

When you deeply want somebody, seek first the echo of her desires. What happened to you, was because you did not listen to me. In my songs there was the secret to my heart. You only heard your own desire.

The mermaid lifted her beauty, and took it to the sea, and from the deep sea, with her tail, she said: bye bye.

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