My life
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A bit of my life, since I landed in England.

It was spring, the plane landed in London, at the airport it was snowing!

Mermaid The initial intention was to study for a couple of years and to return to Argentina shortly afterwards. However, a sequence of events - offers that I could not refuse - have determined, each one in turn, that I staid longer in England, I have been living "temporary" like that, for more than 26 years.

The initial study period was for my first degree in Computing Science at Essex University. It was a marvellous studentship period. I started worried about the language and if I could overcome the "holes" in the curriculum, of my previous education. But results prove the contrary. I obtained a First Degree, something not very common there. A degree that opens doors for the future. In effect, when the time came to return home, I was asked (!) to stay to do a doctorate, an offer that I could not refuse.

In fact, I could not accept it, because I had no financial support. What I had, had lasted just for the first degree - that one is another story, for another day - The university insisted and offered means to finance me. Initially as a class assistant and later on to be seen. Since at the same time, in Argentina, the "black period" had started and people of my age and background, if able, quit the country I could not say no to such an offer and I stayed. One year later, I applied to a lectureship and got it. I became a lecturer at the same time that pursued my doctorate. I taught and did research in the same area, a marvellous present!

Since it was part time, it took me 5 years to complete the doctorate. For the final viva (the oral exam) a lecturer from Oxford University was invited as the "external examiner" To get acquainted with my research, this lecturer invited me to give a seminar about my doctorate there at Oxford.

As a result of this seminar, Oxford University invited me to apply to a research fellowship there. At that time, I was thinking it was time to return home, and the offer from Oxford I could not refuse, again. I only asked them to wait, one year, until I completed my thesis. They waited.

One year later, with a diploma under my arm (not really, I never went to the graduation ceremony) I departed towards Oxford seeking my newly post as a lecturer and research fellow. In the car, I drove listening to the 9th symphony - that chant to happiness. Always thinking that I was living temporary, even though I had already purchased a house, I always rented my TV set, my sign, that I was to open my wings again, any moment.

I was doing research in Oxford - during the Falklands war.

Also in Oxford, I met Sussana, another offer that I could not refuse! Same when our children started to arrive. Roberto bears my fathers name, whom I miss so much since I was 18 years old, when his premature death left me scared and still have not recovered. Nikita, she says she is going to be an artist, she already is.

After many years, I cut the umbilical cordon with the academia, and mounted my own software company. More than a one man band, it was a one man orchestra!

Now, I am working as Chief Software Architect in the industry.

Creation Photography has been with me, since I was about 8 years old, when I had mounted the dark room, in the bathroom of my parents home. I had an enlarger, made with a wooden box and a car's lamp as reflector.

I started to write not long ago, I had never ever written one word of poetry, or prose. I never studied literature, and I am not a heavy reader either. I am surprise, the way that people like what I write. I am delighted to be able to touch people's hearts, with my photos and my words.

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