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We met at the train station. She brought books for the journey, stoles for the shore's wind, flowers, sunflowers to illuminate us, deep smiles... She also brought stars in the way she stare at me, firm embracing eyes.

We spend a couple of days as I think ever, in the history of the human kind, anybody has done, - that is how I felt - there are no words, only vibrations so deep that even today, I can not, I do not wish, it is not possible to blow them to the wind.

In particular, her honest friendship, confirmed what I had seen so clearly ever since the first day. An encounter to last through all times, for ever and more.

Farewell However ...

We said farewell. She had to travel overseas. She had to go, at that moment there was no other way.

It hurts.

As an optimist, I knew, that we would meet again. Distance would shorten, and love would prevail.

We talk about it a lot, my lips found the salt in her tears... hers, mine.

Tender farewell embraces, transformed into passionate kisses, unexpected caresses, clothes torn away in desperate screams, prolonging a bit more the sweet encounter.

Talkative eyes, soul moaning.

A long winter slipped through the window grooves, our warmth, desperately feeding the fire so that it will last for ever, despite the certainty of the intent to cool it down.

That afternoon, we danced the rhythm of we will be what we are, today and ever.

There is no possible consolation, I miss her, I think of her every moment, I talk to her, I climb kites and search for her in the distance, I gallop along deserted clouds, seeking for the traces of her tenderness.

The head says that I must forget... The heart does not agree, does not want to listen to reason.

I miss her kisses that transformed into laughter, a creation that only her lips could have conceived. Her laughter appeared, in waves like from a water fall, in the middle of the tender kiss, or the passionate.

It is not possible, to live without kisses.

As P. Neruda wrote "How quick is love, however how slow is to forget!"

"Farewell" has been awarded:

New Dawn's Master Poet 1998
Awarding site is no longer in operation


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