Belly Dancing
We are basically close friends. Good friends. We tell each other everything, even those things we tell nobody else.

Last Saturday we met in a belly dancing show. She looked stunning. When I told her, she replied: "That's the way I feel when I'm near you". We were just there, gazing at each other, in front of the dance floor.

Belly Dancing Huge eyes. Revealing windows of her beautiful soul. Talkative eyes. Deep eyes. Firm embracing look irradiating coral's colours.

There were no words. Only sparks that, like shooting stars came from her eyes. I saw messages. They entered my soul, made me vibrate, gallop. They shook me although.

I felt myself trembling, palpitating.

The sparks grew. They were fireworks now. Her entire body showed the colour of our canvas.

Although we were not moving, not touching each other, we were marooned from the outside world by the consuming passion coming from her eyes. A passion so strong that I felt it in every corner of my body.

I felt cold. I felt warm. I quivered all over. Till the passion overtook both of us completely.