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FAN site award Wow! Beautiful!

Congratulations! We hope you accept our FANtastic! Site Award as just one indication that you have reason to be proud of the work and time you have dedicated to your presence on the Internet.

Since creating our web site, we at Graphics Galore! have come to realize the complexities of developing and maintaining a well ordered, visually attractive, informative site; a site that loads reasonably fast, is alive with interest and devoid of dead links.

Your site certainly has those qualities, and deserves applause. We are happy to recognize your outstanding efforts with our FANtastic! Site Award.

We also have a philosophy, that it seems from your site, you might appreciate. We believe that taking pride in one's Internet presence and making an effort to connect with others is creating a new sense of community and sharing, that the Internet is a place to bring out the very best in people, that people will want it to be a nice and honest place to spend some time.

Again, Congratulations!

Best regards,
Roberta Shore
and The Folks at Graphics Galore!

Roberta Shore - 21 Nov 2004