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Excellence Award
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My dear Martin....

Here are your awards...and we even made a new one for sites such as yours, the Excellence Award, which cannot be applied for....the site has to win all three of our awards at once, or be in a position to, before they will receive the Excellence other words, we must be "blown away" by the, writings, music, links and overall presentation must be exceptional....I don't know if you visited my site to get these awards, but that doesn't matter, because your site deserves every one of them....

Congratulations on winning the first Excellence Award from The Ladies of Fantasy and Romance...actually, your site inspired the award, so we thank you as well......also, congratulations on being the first ever site to win all three of the awards from The Ladies of Fantasy and Romance.

Lady Morgaine and Spiritmate - The Ladies of Fantasy and Romance - 23 Nov 1998