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Eclectic Artistry 5 Star Award

Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that your site has won the Eclectic Artistry 5 Star Award. The Eclectic Artistry 5 Star Award gives deserved recognition to the artists and artistic thinkers of the web. This award celebrates the rich diversity of artistic genius the internet has to offer. It recognizes those artists who show exceptional talent in their genre and the people that present those artists to us with their web pages. Web design is the "New Art" and many of these award winners also present their material to us with both functionality and style.

This award is exclusively for webmasters that believe "content is king." Their pages reflect the weeks or months of hard work they put into designing them. Special consideration in judging is given to those web sites that offer resources to help their fellow artists.

The Eclectic Artistry 5 Star Award is presented to sites that meet the following criteria:

Subject material dealing with the art of any genre, literature, or poetry

Exceptional Content

Web Design Excellence

Proper use of HTML Ease of navigation Acceptable load time

Visually Pleasing

Use of quality, attractive graphics Uncluttered page layout Pleasing use of color


Robin Frazier - Frazier Web Design - 12 Oct 1998