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Hearts Haven Art Gallery Award
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Your artwork and writings are delicious to my senses, as is your site where I've visited your work on a few occasions since. My most favorite piece of yours is cecifantasma2-m.jpg.... which could make me desire to be caught in a soft illuminated rain! Seductively femine. I dare say you caught the moment.

I also liked these great words of wisdom from your mermaid story: When you deeply want somebody, seek first the echo of her desires. What happened to you, was because you did not listen to me. In my songs there was the secret to my heart. You only heard your own desire.

You have brought me intriguingly sweet pitter patters of the heart through your works of art. 'grins' I would be most honored if you would except the "Heart to Heart Award" with sweet appreciation of your beautiful work and writings, graciously awarded to you from Artiste Corner / Hearts Haven Art Gallery.

Lily Maria- Artiste Corner / Hearts Haven Art Gallery - 5 Oct 1998