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Web Author's Choice Award

Very Unique!

Thank you for your award application;

We have recently taken a tour of your web site and feel that your site meets the criteria of the Web Author's Choice Award...Congratulations!

In addition to content, design, ease of navigation, your site is viewed with several different browsers as well as 2 or 3 different sized monitors. Often, web sites look very different depending on which browser and/or monitor you are utilizing. We also view with browsers that have the "compressed graphics" feature on, which sometimes will show what may appear to be great graphics, to appear very distorted in some browsers...America on-line for example, has their browser (IE Explorer 3.01 & 4.0 on new beta) set this way by default, whereas Netscape from what we can tell, does not.

Your site in particular is very well thought out, informative and very navigable. A definite "Bookmark" on our system!

Richard Saterstad - POC Inc - Pinnacle-Club Web Sites - 27 Jun 1998