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tara's FairyWeb Award for Poets 3/3

I have just come from your pages. I am speechless, and if there is a way to make these fingers type, I will attempt to say what I can.

Your poem - Night - is perfection. Your prose set "Dreams" - you string words together better than most people ever do. Your photographs are simple, and I am drawn into've captured on film exactly what it was you sought to capture. I see no surprises, no attempts at creating - merely a click that stops time for a moment, and then lets go.

Here then are your awards.

I am humbled that you even asked for these awards. Thank you for applying, and sharing your incredible vision.

Congratulations! You have won the FairyWeb Award for Poets.

The requirement for this award is that you have at least one original poem, by yourself, on your homepage. You have met that requirement.
tara - 25 May 1998