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Fly With Eagles Award Thank you for your interest in our award. I just finished visiting your web page - very nice job! It is evident you have/do spend a lot of time on your site. I would be honored if you would accept the citation below. Please note because of the significance and background of our award, you are only the 521st recipient, even though we have received over 1200 nominations. What I am trying to say is please don't bury it among the "you can have this award - just ask" awards. Also, because we are recognizing your efforts not ours, linking is your option - we do not use our award to generate traffic, we are very successful without it.

Congratulations! Your web page has been selected to receive the "FLY WITH EAGLES" award presented by HART Enterprises ( This award was implemented because in 1984, as the result of an accident while serving as an officer on active duty with the US Army, I became a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. In a veterans hospital for 10 months, I was among many young men struggling to put a sense of worth back into their lives. I always admired our national symbol, the bald eagle, for its strength, courage and beauty, and its ability to soar on the slightest of winds. It was what those of us in the hospital were trying to do - muster up the strength and courage to live our lives with the least amount of help. Now I am in a position financially, physically, and spiritually to recognize others for their efforts. Thus, the "Fly With Eagles" award was born. We surf the net looking for worthy web pages. And, in some cases, web pages are recommended to us. Your respect for proper NET ETHICS and your ability to display your web page in a LOGICAL, INFORMATIVE, and CREATIVE format places you among only a handful of web masters that have received this award.
Bruce Hart - LTC USA (Ret) - 31 May 1998