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Martin R. Raskovsky, Ph.D.

For decades of meritorious works in the fields of Science, Art and Languages, the Charlotte Internet Society, and I, personally, would like to thank you for your contributions to the world, and hope that your work continues and meets with the greatest of success.

We bestoy this award upon you for your many obvious displays of genius in hopes that it will perhaps raise your spirits, if even only slightly.

In "The Art of Worldly Wisdom", Balthasar Gracian reminds us that we should strive to know the great women and men of our age. Having said that. . . I am honored to make your acquaintance.

. . . and should it ever come to pass that you convert your farm into an Intentional Community for Web Visionaries . . . please include us on your A- list of those to invite. :-) It does look so wondrously idyllic!

Thank you again,
Dave Beckwith - Charlotte Internet Society - 19 May 1998